About Us

Welcome to Guardians of the Soil, where our passion for nurturing the Earth's vitality is deeply rooted in the story of our founder, Csaba Redey-Nagy. Driven by a profound commitment to sustainable living and armed with a Ph.D. in speech-language pathology, Csaba embarked on a unique journey that has blossomed into the thriving community and eco-conscious movement known as Guardians of the Soil.

During the challenging times of the global pandemic, Csaba found solace and purpose in the world of worm composting. What began as a personal hobby in the confines of his home soon transformed into a profound love affair with the tiny, yet powerful, creatures beneath the soil. Csaba's fascination with earth worms and their incredible ability to rejuvenate the earth inspired him to share this sustainable practice with the world.

Our mission is to inspire and guide others on the path to environmental stewardship through the art of worm composting. We recognize the vital role these tiny creatures play in promoting soil health and sustainability. Guardians of the Soil is more than just a company; it's a movement, encouraging everyone to become guardians of our precious Earth.